[TOOL] Chart “5-Year Plan”

13 April 2019

I developed this tool to help you structure your projections. You can modify the matrix, add photos, text, drawings. It’s best if you don’t rush your reflection process, have fun with it, and avoid setting limits for yourself. I’ve always done it in an informal way, on a piece of paper, or even, on a napkin!

This exercise will take up to 60 minutes. In a comfortable spot, take the time to imagine what your future will look like. Where you currently are in your life, and where you want to go. What do you want to accomplish? What are your dreams? Are you happy? Would you like to start a business, change careers, travel, study, sell your business, become a speaker, start a family, learn a new sport?

Keep the document in a safe place. Revise and modify it on a regular basis as needed. If you don’t manage to fill all the boxes, it’s normal. Leave them empty and come back to it during the year.

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Here is an example:

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About Caroline Chevrier


Caroline Chevrier is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is a renowned professional in the communications field in Québec. As an expert in food and health, she is regularly asked to give expert commentary in the media on the challenges facing the industries. As a conference speaker, she shares her passion for entrepreneurship with a view to encouraging more people to set up businesses in Québec.