Jenny Ouellette

About Jenny Ouellette

Founder of BonBoss

Jenny is the founder of Inc., a company that aims to change the workplace, one good boss at a time. With a bachelor's degree in industrial relations, she began her career in human resources management before starting a life as a content marketing entrepreneur. Her unusual career path has led her to develop a unique expertise and vision for the future of recruitment and management.

Passionate about leadership, this visionary, along with her team, develops services and training programs that put people at the heart of the workplace. Together, they’ve established a movement that applauds good managers and inspires tomorrow’s leaders in their roles.

A self-proclaimed future leader, Jenny has received more than one award since 2018: the Female Leadership Award at the Gala Grands Prix de la relève d’affaires du RJCCQ, an event dedicated to tomorrow’s leaders, the Nueva 2018 Award from Femmes Alpha for her trade mission at the Entretiens Jacques-Cartier de Lyon, a collaborative Montreal-Lyon convention, and the 2019 leadership award from Business Community 360.

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