Clément Moliner-Roy

About Clément Moliner-Roy

Social Impact Advisor

Clément's mission is to shape as many changemakers as possible, being students with both the will and the know-how to change the world. He has travelled the world in search of best practices of educational innovation, as part of his studies at the College of the Atlantic, a small university located in Bar Harbor, Maine. After visiting more than 12 institutions and carrying out more than 100 interviews, he returned to Quebec and founded Changemaker Residency, a new experiential approach to higher education that brings young people together from around the world to prepare them to develop social-impact projects.

Since August 2018, he works as a Social Impact Advisor at the Accélérateur entrepreneurial Desjardins (AED) at the Université de Sherbrooke, where he coaches aspiring entrepreneurs who are developing social and environmental impact projects. With his team, he develops strategies to enable as many students from different disciplines to work together on concrete projects.

Having spent six years studying and working internationally in Wales, the United States, China, Peru and Japan, Clément considers himself to be a citizen of the world. He has worked on several international education innovation projects, including HELIO, a program intended to redesign higher education in Japan.

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